Results of the avuba postdoc survey 2020

avuba has already discussed the most important findings with the rectorate. Together with avuba, the President’s Office will communicate concrete measures for improving specific areas by the end of this spring semester (see also the President’s Office resolution no. 21.03.35).

If you have any questions about the avuba Postoc Survey 2020, please contact either Patricia (avuba general manager), Camila (avuba co-president) or Tizian (avuba co-president).

Questions regarding the employment of doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers, April 2020

Who comes too near is going too far

The University of Basel does not tolerate any form of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment begins when personal boundaries are not respected and power is exerted over others. Who comes too near is going too far!

avuba PhD & Postdoc Survey 2018

Areas with need for action

EN 20190611 Summary of areas with need for action including faculty figures, avuba June 2019

Key findings

EN 20190403 avuba PhD & Postdoc Survey 2018 - avuba report

avuba has already discussed the key findings with the President’s Office. Together with avuba, the university management will now seek solutions to rectify the problems addressed in the survey as quickly as possible. Additional information is provided here.

Detailed survey results

Questions or feedback on the survey

If you have any questions or feedback on the survey, please contact Patricia Eiche, avuba Head of Administration.


Assistants requiring clarification employment can contact the local HR team or the relevant central HR specialist teams (team 1 or team 2). 

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