Funding of academic and non-academic projects by avuba

Based on the avuba budget, a decision was made at the executive board meeting held on August 23, 2017, to support projects specific to teaching and research assistants up to a total of CHF 3,000 twice a year. The following guidelines for financing academic and non-academic projects, which will remain valid until further notice:

Guiding principle

By assistants for assistants 


Projects are to encourage community building and the expansion of the network of assistants.


  • At least 8 people are to benefit from the funding, of whom at least 50% should be assistants at the University of Basel.
  • Applications, including reasons and a provisional project budget, must be sent via email to The application must cover the following points: Who? What (including content)? When? Where? For whom?
  • A final report of half an A4 page is to be submitted together with receipts. The report must include how many assistants from which areas have taken part and how the content has been implemented.

Additional Covid-19 criteria applicable from 1 September 2020 until further notice

The applicant(s) is/are required:

a) to comply fully with all applicable legal provisions aimed at tackling the spread of Covid-19, and in particular the guidelines of the Federal Council, the Federal Office of Public Health, the respective canton and the University of Basel, when it comes to planning, preparing for and carrying out the academic or non-academic project;

b) to obtain any necessary approval from the relevant agency/authority in order to carry out the academic or non-academic project.

In project applications, applicant(s) shall warrant that requirements (a) and (b) will be complied with at all times and shall commit to indemnifying avuba or the University of Basel in full in the event of a failure to comply with these requirements. 


  • All applications submitted by May 31 and November 30 will be reviewed by the avuba board. After that, the funds for all accepted projects are allocated, e.g. payed out in June or December.
  • avuba can contribute a maximum of CHF 500 to internal faculty events. CHF 1,000 may be allocated to cross-faculty events.
  • If a faculty does not receive any money from a round of distribution, it will be given priority in the next round.
  • Each project will be listed on the avuba website.
  • Funding cannot be provided for furniture.

If insufficient projects are submitted in a particular semester that are deemed worthy of support, avuba can use the remaining money to organize and fund central, cross-faculty network events such as a city tour with subsequent drinks reception, a museum visit with subsequent drinks reception, or a board games evening.

Requested financial support for projects for assistants approved by the avuba board

Application received in November 2021

  • Assistants of the Swiss TPH (cross-faculty project of medicine and science), PhD winter retreat, in February/March 2022, 750 francs
  • Assistants of the Bio- and Pharmacenter, 13. PhD Retreat, in September 2022, 500 francs
  • Assistants of the Department of Chemistry, ski weekend, in February 2022, 500 francs
  • Assistants of the Faculty of Theology, conference fee of the assistants for the faculty conference, in May 2022, 500 francs
  • Assistants of the Department of Biomedical Engineering (cross-faculty project of science and medicine), interdisciplinary PhD networking event, in April 2022, 750 francs

Application received in May 2021

  • Assistants of Archology, lama trekking in August 2021, 300 francs

Application received in November 2020

  • Assistants of the Department of Biomedical Engineering (cross-faculty project of science and medicine), virtual team-building game in March 2021, 828 francs
  • Assistants of the Bio and Pharmacenter, des Bio- und Pharmazentrums, early summer/summer hiking weekend 2021, 500 francs

Application received in May 2020

  • Assistants of the Faculty of Psychology, coffee break, 500 francs (held in September 2021)
  • PhD event "Matters of the Urban" for assistants of the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Science in autumn semester 2020, interdisciplinary, 1,000 francs