24 Apr 2024
12:15  - 13:30

Versobar 106, -1 floor, Kollegienhaus, Petersgraben 50


Lunchtime Meeting: Sexual Harassment at the University

Pre-SHAD Sexual Harassment Awareness Day. The topic is sensitive, overwhelming – for all of us. The seminar aims to create an understanding of sexual harassment at universities, discuss its psychological effects, and establish a safe space for sharing experiences. We will also learn about (institutional) support, be it for survivors, bystanders, or people who have crossed boundaries.

All PhD students, postdocs and university students are welcome to attend this event which is part of the «sexual harassment awareness day» 2024.

Our lecturer, Dr. Livia Boscardin, is an external, independent expert on gender-based and sexualized violence. She received her PhD in Sociology at the University of Basel. Today, she teaches feminist empowerment and self-defense («Wen-Do») with her own association, «Verein Wen-Do Basel», at various institutions, such as the Victim Support Basel, the sans-papiers contact point, or primary schools.
Date: 24.4
Time: 12:15 - 13:30
Location: Versobar 106, -1 floor, Kollegienhaus, Petersgraben 50

Register: here

Livia Boscardin, info@wendo-basel.ch
+41 76 298 18 07

This event is organized by avuba and with Compass (https://compass-mind.ch/, a new association from Basel talking about mental health and neurodiversity in academia).

You can join our mental health discussions with Compass here!

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